is counseling mandatory in 498a case

I have been married for nine months during which I was abused physically by my husband n inlaws n also tortured for dowry demands.i moved out of the joint family to another country where my husband works but still the sexual perversion n abuse n demands for dowry continued n my inlaws participated continuously by verbally abusing me on skype which my husband forced me to listen n they also instructed him to harass me non stop for illicit sexual acts and dowry demands.when I refused to meet their absurd demands anymore, my husband kicked me out of the house n kept all my possessions and gold.his sisters n parents sent tthreatening messages to my parents and went around slandering my reputation in india.i finally came to india for a reconciliation but the inlaws n my husband filed a petition in the bank containing the rest of my jewellery stating that I shouldn't be allowed to access it and when my parents told them that they will take legal action my husband fled the country and now my inlaws are also going to leave snd join him there.i went to the dcp to register a complaint and he ordered counseling.when the police called my inlaws to ask them to come they stated that the husband isn't here and all the accusations are question is that cant I proceed with the case directly instead of counselling as I know my husband wont return to india and im afraid that my inlaws will flee husband is mentally sick and has sexually deviant behaviour in addition to the domestic violence and should I proceed