Wrong expectations set by educational institutes.

Hi, I registered for a course at an education institute in Delhi. I gave the full fees, and the institute told me that my classes will commence soon. I registered in December second week. I waited to get an update from them and they called me to inform that unfortunately the classes have been postponed to a month due to festival season and some students are not going to take classes. It was understandable and I said okay. They assured me that the classes will begin in January second week. I contacted the education institute again and they apologetically said the classes are getting postponed again to 27th of January, and again it's not a fixed date. At this point I realized that they are just keeping me in a loop, until they reach a significant number of students interested to take the course. Which is very disappointing, they should have informed me about this at the time I registered. At this point I told them that this is not professional, they should have told me about this. I haven't taken up a job, since it's a full time course. It would require me to spend a significant time of my week. Because of the wrong expectations set by the department, two months have been wasted. I have suffered monetary loss as well. They didn't care at all, and the best reply they could come up with is, we will offer you a refund. I was like, I know you will do that, but what about the time wasted and the wrong expectations you had set? Haven't got any response till yet. Is there any legal action I an take against the institute?