Mental Harrasment in Training Institute and un ethical behaviour

Hi, Can you please give me some legal advice on following issue. Issue: My wife and 4 of my relatives joined a fashion designing training institute in Bangalore. Course duration is 3 months with list of topics mentioned in it. After 2 months of our course now a new employee joined as HOD in this institute, she started putting mental torture on all the students. She doesn't allow students ask doubts to the instructor, she uses rude language and even made people cry many times, she speaks rudely and insults people in front of every one there. She even dismissed good teaching instructor as the instructor questioned her. Now the course duration has reached and the course is not fully completed, now she is strictly asking every one not to come. If students questions her she is not responding at all and shouting very badly on every one. She daily puts some kind of mental torcher on students she takes class on irrelevant topics. Students gave complaint on her to the director but he is not even responding. Can you please advice, if we can take a legal action on the institute. If yes in what way we can do this. Thanks, Murali