Regarding Section 82 proclaimed offender and Anticipatory bail !

Respected lawyers , A girl had made false allegations against me ! FIR registered u/s 376,328,354-B,354-C,506 & 385 IPC. FIR logged in month of August 2014 ! And I went abroad ! Proceeding u/s 82,83 is in progress and proclaimed offender will be declared on 30th jan 2015. Anticipatory bail moved in dec in session court and after a good argument and after 5 hearing bail got dismissed in jan 2015. Reasons for rejection : 1). Serious offence 2). NWB issued and 82,83 is in progress 3). Recovery photographs required ! Judge related my case with case of Lavesh vs NCT Delhi ( but the case he referred for not granting bail doesn't apply in my case as in this case Accused was declared as Proclaimed offender and I'm not declared as Proclaimed offender ) Now as not much time left we are moving to high court ! My question : 1). Should I come back and surrender to the court before I declared as PO or I should stay abroad and let them declared me as PO ? 2). What if PO is declared ? Is there any way to get me deported from abroad ? How much time Indian government will take to get me back from abroad ? Need specific time plz ! ( extradition between two countries exist ) 3). In my first line I said she put false allegations on me for this I have 4..5 video recording where she admitting clearly that she made false allegations in anger and she was not willing to lodge any FIR ! How much chances is there to get bail on this evidences ? Lastly besides this I had many videos sms which clearly states that whatever allegations she had put on me stands false ! How much chances I have to win the trail ? Is there any way that after winning case I make a complaint for harassing me for putting false allegations on me for compensation etc ? I'm really looking forward for the best suggestions for my questions ! Thanks Another victim of a women who misused law !