How can we have our house under our names ?

Hi, there ! My name is Satish Gupta. I have some serious questions. (1) Before a few years, in around [deleted], my uncle had filled in a form for a two bedroom house in Dholka (Ahmedabad) under the scheme of Gujarat Housing Board. But Dholka is his wife's city, and that was why he didn't want to have a house in Dholka. He asked my father if my father was interested to have that house. He wrote a letter to my father stating that how many rooms are there, where would be the washroom etc. even also with a hand - drawn map in the letter. He also mentioned in the letter that he had only paid for the form as well as he said to my father to pay the determined amount of money to Gujarat Housing Board every month. After receiving that letter, my father used to pay on monthly basis to Gujarat Housing Board. My father had also returned the amount of money for the registration form to my uncle at that time. In 1998, we got the possession of that house. We have been living there since October 1998. In around 2001, my father cleared the account, he paid the full amount towards Gujarat Housing Board. The mistake my father has made is that he never took care about the documentation. He kept my uncle's name as the owner of our house. In 2010, my uncle made a stronger document (Pakka Dastavej) under his name. The final truth is that the house is under my uncle's name, but the full amount of money has been paid by my father. Now a days, the area around our house has been developing. Moreover, we don't have any kind of good relations with my uncle. Thus, considering the above hollowness, my uncle wants to devour our house from our hands. The only proofs we have are (1) The handwriting in all the receipts but without signatures (2) The letter written by my uncle in 1994 (3) All receipts for furniture made into the house and some alternations (4) Possession since 1998. What can we do to have the house under my father's name ? Please help us with appropriate Acts and your kind guidance. Thanks a lot ! Satish Gupta