legal heirs entry made in assesment list no 8 at village record.

Sir, We have ancestral land property situated in village of sangamer district Ahmefnager with three old house properies located in that land. 7/12 record shows all leagal heirs names but house properties were named with only uncles name. who being as a karta made illegal entries with his own name only by means of some fraud documents and resolutions in 1992 itself. On application for making entries of all 7/12 owners to this house properties which taxes had been levying since 1968. None action was taken at the begining. But after lokshahi din application all enquiry has been made and panchayat samiti bid development officer make an order to make correction and entry all heirs to this house properties. Then gram panchayat has made resolution/tharav and entered all legal names as acowner to the properties. But No notice has given to anyone either applicant or uncle. During this partition suit was began at the initial level in civil court and uncle also made house trss case before name correction in assesement list owner of the property. Now the question is uncle has moved in civil court under contempt of court against gramsevak bid developvment officer stating that there was court cases were pending and correction that made is illegal. He also moved in lokshahi din appeal stating that no notice given to me and due to court case panchayat has no right to do this. But there was no any stay order even civil court has no authority to make corrections.