Removing sibling name from Legal Heirship Certificate.

Hello, my name is Praveen. I live in in Kerala, India. Recently, my father passed away, due to cancer, while in govt. service. I am currently working with a lot of forms, in one of which, there was a need for a Legal Heirship Certificate. So, I filed a request at our village office. Now, as it turns out, there are going to be four names in the certificate: mine, my mother's, my brother's and a younger brother of my father. He is unmarried and mentally and physically retarded. He has been under the protection of my father's younger sister. She has a certificate that says so, and this allows her to handle all his assets. My late grandfather (father's father) was a retired postmaster and his pension is also in this younger brother's name. We are not rich enough to share whatever is left, with my father's siblings. And even if we had to, given our financial situation, they are willing to give it all back to us. My question is: Is it possible to apply for the Legal Heirship Certificate which does not include my uncle's name in it? If yes how? What paperwork should I fill up and what are the required certificates, so the final Legal Heiship Certificate have only mine, my mother's and my brother's names on it? PS: The application, with my uncle's name on it, have been approved by the village officer, but haven't yet been submitted to the Tahsildar.