Love Marriage - Same Caste, Religion, Both are Majors.

Hello, I am in Love with a girl and we both are majors & same cast, same religion. I am a well settled guy (software engineer) and my girl friend is doing her B.Com final year. My parents have accepted for our marriage and we even approached her family. We met her parents and explained about our relationship, our traditions and our love & affection towards her. They did talk to us very politely that time and requested us for some time. After couple of days, her parents created a scene in their home and told her that they are against this proposal. They did not even inform us about this directly. They were not even willing to listen to my girl friends opinion and concerns. They even threatened my girl friend saying that if she is going to take her decision on her own (If we marry without their consent), they will file an abduction case against me & my family. We do not want to run away from home and get married. Since my parents have accepted for our marriage, we would like to go with a tradition marriage (100% Hindu marriage). Me & my girl friend are very serious about our relationship and do not want to breakup. Kindly let me know if I have to face any police investigations etc or we can marry without any hurdles. If there is any procedure (legally) to avoid the last minute surprises from police, do let me know. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.