Dividing land between brothers and sisters

I am a male and we are 7 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the eldest member in the siblings. My Dad and Mother died without any will long time back (15 years). My parents have left behind 3 properties which are - one house (on 10 cents land), one 80 cents land (rectangular plot), and another 10 cents land. Out of the 9 siblings one brother got first property i.e. one house with 10 cents land and one sister managed to get the 3rd property the 10 cents land as mentioned above in the list. This was with the understanding that rest of the land (80 cents land) will be distributed among other 7 siblings (6 brother and 1 sister). The problem is that the rest of the 7 siblings are not in good terms with each other and not allowing the land to be divided among themselves. Is there a possibility that being elder in the family now I can claim my part of land (i.e 11 cents) in the 80 cents land on my own (i.e. physically ring fencing the part of plot) and register it in my name as others are not co operating? If not what is the way out? we even tried selling the property and dividing the gains among ourselves but it did not work out.