Can my wife delay DV case? And go abroad with health reason.

Today, was my Dv date. evidence submission from my wife post few more details asked by judge during last time evidence date (3rd jan) as they came unprepared. And today My father in law turned up with out a lawyer and submitted a memo or a letter mentioning she can't attend the hearing till 15 aug 2015. Even her lawyer was not their & father in law said they are changing the lawyer and even the lawyer has not given NOC. She is going abroad. "going outside India for a period about 6 months to my sisters place in order to recoup my health & overcome depression. During this period I will not b in a position to attend the hearings. Kindly adjourn the hearing till August 2015, as a special case." My lawyer asked for objection and date given by judge is 3rd February for filing my objection. More details of case as given below. 1. Continuous delay in proceedings due to her 2. Not present on so many hearings even once for mediation she did not turn up. 3. All evidence supporting are old once (like watch given to me bill of 2011, gold ring actually not given to me but submitted one bill of 2008 worth 32k (than) in some unknown name (I don't know the name of man in the bill) has purchased it. 4. Even no idea about the earlier marriage 1st marriage (2nd marriage with me) 5. My Jewellery is with her which I gave in marriage. 6. During mediation she is only demanding money (1st 25 lacs & now 12 lac in mega mediation in front of same judge) and asking for divorce in front of same judge. 7. All the allegation are baseless not even single medical certificate till date. Even having 498a with the same complaint of dv running in criminal court. My Question: What shall I do? In my objection what all points to b brought forward? Shall I strongly object or wait for her to return back?