Procedure for getting a succession certificate

I am a fourth year student in college. My maternal grandfather died intestate leaving some moveable property, and my maternal grandmother died two years after him. They were last resident in Bangalore, and both were Hindus. They had three children, two daughters and one son. My maternal uncle would like to succeed to the moveable properties of both my grandparents, so would like a succession certificate made. The following are my queries regarding the same: 1. Is it possible to make a joint succession certificate for the properties of both my grandparents instead of making two separate ones? 2. What documents will I need along with the application for the certificate? 3. How much is the court fee in such a case? 4. is there any prescribed format or form for application or a simple written one will do? and to whom is it addressed? 5. Where are the application and the documents submitted? 6. Is it possible for me as a student to go to court with the petition and represent my maternal uncle? I ask this because I do not have an llb degree