Am I legally divorced?

Hello, I am Hindu female and I got married in November, 1993. We were together for around 5-6 months. Due to compatibility issues, we separated and I moved to my parents home. In February, 1995, we, along with our parents and few witnesses executed the deed of divorce on mutual consent and it was registered by notary. I have got the photo-copy of divorce deed. The original copy was given to my ex-husband. I was told that the we are divorced now. I was 22 years old and did not know any legal process. After this, we (myself and my husband) have not seen each other or met or talked. He has also remarried and got 2 children. I have not remarried. My question is if I also re-marry in future, will I face any issue. Will my second marriage be valid. I do not have any court order of divorce? Would be thankful for your response. This issue has been bothering me a lot. If am not divorced, what should I do now. Can I dissolve my marriage if my husband has remarried. Am not interested in any property or anything else as I am quite well-settled in my life and career.