Construction of a Private Road on agricultural land

There is a paternal agricultural land property in the state of Bihar. I currently live in Uttarakhand. Three days back (12-01-15) I received a message from someone that some people have constructed a private road about 6-7 days back on part of our plot that has laid vacant for one year without our prior information & consent We have all legal papers with us. We possess the land. The deed is in the name of our grandfather or our uncles. We have verbally and in writing, divided our paternal property but have not yet done mutation. I do not want to give our land area under discussion to construct road. Some persons have illegally encroached the land without our knowledge and assent. It may be noted that: a. We are a minority (the only family with few relatives) who live in that village. The rest come from other castes. b. My father, who is physically challenged, lives back in village along with grandmother. c. My brother & myself live away from village to eke out our livelihood. d. Some people have already threatened in past to uproot us by forcefully capturing our property. My query: 1. Can we handle the issue from Uttarakhand for the property in a village in Bihar? 2. What are the ways to protect our family and property, as we fear threat to our lives and our property?