Is it possible to file a case on the below matter basis?

Hello Sir/ Ma'm, I was working for a company in hyderabad and there the MD of that company use to provide Business visas to clients and one client i provided to this MD and when the client was not agreeing to pay money for business Visa , the MD promised the client to get him a job in the amount of Business Visa and then client for ready to pay and then the client paid the amount by depositing into my account. Now, the client got his Business Visa long back and he even travelled to the country but he came back from that country as he was not getting job. And now he is threatening me to give back the amount as he paid the amount by cash deposit to me. he is threatening me that he will file a case on me if i am not helping him by supporting him to file a case against the MD but i dont want to involve my self in any legal matters. I have been cheated by MD of the company in Many cases but just to save my carrier , i am not involving in legal matters. So my question is , is it possible to file a case against me as he has no written proofs saying that he will be helped with a job?