Quashing of fir

Complainant filed complaint on 26 dec. police with hand in gloves with complainant without making enquiry or investigation ,summoned opposit party and arrested. subsequently they got bail. now after going through documents i found that the complaint of cheating was false,because the money he has been claiming ,he has given only partial amount and this is related to property development matter and complainant has financed long back but without having bombay money lending license and amount is huge and given by cheque.now on behalf of my client i will prefer writ under 482 for quashing of fir.my client is opposit party who is land lord and it was informed to complainant about payment of money via notice and being clause inserted to make payment to the complainant in joint venture agreement with third party .whether i will succeed in high court .we have required evidence of interest payment made to complainant towards his loan .we will raise this money lending activity of complainant before high court and also we will bring to the notice about hasty decision of police and in absence of any enquiry and appropriate investigation of this matter.