need help in handling 420 case filed on me

Respected lawyers, am from hyderabad... There is a cases filed on my name for cheating.... And me and my family has been tortured a lot... It's been 3 months am away from family... And the one who is responsible is not traceable... And I'm in picture I don't see any way to come out of this ... Am very poor... And unnecessarily dragged into it am a simple persob who works and earn for family... And people are yracing me here and der it has become very difficult to survive and just want to end myself ... As living this way have become impossible... Plz help me... Am a resident of hyderabad... Just Bcz the police people are the close friends of those who filed a case on me... I can't even go and tell them... Only on their request police have beaten me... And kept me in police station for 2 days... And relased me only on one condition i should repay yhe said amount.. in 2 days or else they will put me in jail and forcefully made me write a letter stating same... Am not sure whay to do bcz the person who is responsible for this is not traceable... Plz help me...I want to work and earn for my family plz