Builder is NOT helping in providing OC

Hello Sir, I bought flat in panathur, Bangalore from not so reputed builder. During the buying process he said he will help in getting the OC. But now he doesn't even bother to even respond to the calls. He is saying if i would have got CC and OC the cost per sq ft would be much higher so he didn't apply for the same. The construction has 13% deviation and is been approved by SBI. So we bought it since all the papers are approved by BBMP. In the Master plans there is no Utility but the builder has constructed so that the flats cane be sold out. Now he is playing very cunning games he is not helping all the 90 flat owners in getting the CC. Initially he said he will ask one revenue inspector to visit the building and he will then tell the actual price for the regularization, but till now nothing such has happened and he is just postponing it. Also the regularization price he said will have to paid from Flat owners which is ridiculous. We paid hard earned money and trusted him and now i feel we are in big soup. Please help us as in what can we do now. Most of us have already done the registration in the month of September 2014 and have already moved into the property. Please let us know what we can do legally so that builders like him will get nicely from the legal laws.