Threats by in laws

I was married 1 month back. We both are working in separate private companies. The marriage was arranged through a matrimony site. The girls family is based in the same city. 3 days ago my wife called her parents without our knowing and walked out of the house with her clothes & jewelry. Her family has been since been threatening us with section 498A & 358 since then. I met her parents to understand what were her problems and answered all their questions satisfactorily. But her parents has been insisting on me staying either with them or separately without my parents. They are also insisting that my wife will not do any house hold chores and not contribute to any household expense. Her maternal uncle is a police officer who called me yesterday again and explained me the legal implications and their legal rights under 358 and asked me to settle matter quickly. My parents are of age 65+ years and constantly needs my attention as their health is failing. I am also unwilling to stay at their home. We did not take any dowry from them but didnot ask them to sign the agreement stating that "No Dowry taken". Please advise what can i do to protect my parents and myself against these false allegations.