Suspected death

My friends die on 7th April 2013, we submitted written complements on 16th April 2013 at respected police station , we mentioned that my friends have 2 wife and earn lot of money in last five years , that is after marriage of 2nd, as love marriage with other cast and without divorce with 1st wife Police made simple inquiry with 2nd wife , 2nd wife's mother, business partners and homeopathy doctors. police collected written statements from all above members and also collected death certificate , whatever doctors has submitted doctors has been written ""cardiac respecter arrest "" or say Hard attack homeopathy doctors how can write hard attack in death certificate without any medical test, - this my questation to police police no investigated deeply and after my lettering to I.G's sir, Police went to one of village of U.P. satet and collected written statements of 1st wife, father and brother of my Late friends in Aug2014 We got all this statements in 8th Jan 2015 We understood from 1st wife statements that - she was with husband at jan 2013 to march 2013 and she also written in statements that husband never suffer from any illness and never went to any doctors this kind for evidence received by police , and this evidence prof that whatever documents submitted by homeopathy doctors for checkup 25/01/2013 , 30/1/2013, 18/2/2013 and 5/3/2013 are bogus or say wrong documents still police keep quite for this type of look like as pre plan murder case we applied in small court against 153/3 for register FIR in Jan 2014, yet pending in court, same Indian court story --- date pe date kindly let me know what is easy way for this matter Note - 1st wife and family , not coming to city for complements , perfect reason we do not know but understood from other sources that family got some phone call for keep quit