our goods and things

Dear sir, my name is sameer My mom and me used to stay in rented house, due to some financial problems, unfortunately me and mom were unable to pay the monthly rent, for the last 2 months, and since from there itself we are staying out here and there, the owner the house is not giving us our valuable things, such as clothes, furniture, TV,washing machine etc, there are lots of things, and the agreement has also got over, when we were unable to pay the rent, we ourself locked the house and went to village for the arrangement of money, but our owner breaker the locked, and putted his lock on that, and now the situation is like, they want 10,000 from us, or else they will sell our things, or they will through them out anywhere, we. Want our things back we are ready to move our household things, there are my report cards also, of s.s.c and h.s.c ., and several mark sheet, we cannot afford the payment but we are ready to move our household things, my mom is tensed and very much in depressed, don't known what to do ?