Family Issue

My parents are persistant that I visit the family court for counselling. Mostly I am scared and dont want to be beaten up if I say something wrong. I live under the same roof. It all started when I moved back from college to home. After that they are perssistant to get me married or pay for my own services. I got a job in a call center. The time did not suit them and I started paying them occasionally and making a lifestyle for myselves. Later the timing became inconvenient for them.They started putting things in my food.Stealing or breaking my things when I was in office. I could not bring anybody home as they were restricted to the Living room.I decided to stay in a PG. I was fresh when I came back home and talk things through.They started beating me up for not marrying a guy of their choosing.My dad spread my number to other people, made my online profile to which I was uncomfortable but went along with it. Eventually I refused to go to to visit a guy they thought as a potential partner for me. They ganged up on me and were about to beat me up when I told them that I would call the police. Called my other number and pretended to be making a call. They quietly shifted to their room. Eventually Next two weeks I got a court notice for counselling. I was shocked! I went their and talked to this guy and explained that I had no problems with them. The counselor asked me about BF. I told him I had friends and I have a social life and will stop having that. I stopped meeting friends and quit my job so that I can work on my family issues. Now I stay at home and work through internet. They again have erupted putting stuff in my food. Making fun when I stay at my room. Accusing me of the problems.My dad punched me last week and accused me of not respecting my mother. I don't even talk to them entire day. I sleep during the day they go to work and work when they sleep. Now again I get a call to visit the couseller of which I am not aware of. All of my clients are US and I work at night. How can I visit them in the morning. It is not like I did something illegal. I don't know what step I shouls take next. I don't want to go to the court. I really don't feel okay with it and mostly scared for what they do to my things in my room and Me. I just want to get it over with. Should I move out so that things become simpler. But I don't want to let them know where I live. They will turn the people I know against me. I don't want to run away but truthfully I will hurt myselves or them or their things if I stay with them for too long. I don't want to be that person. HELP ME!!