Whether to go for ex party divorce or not?

My cousin got married 7 years back with in 6 months his wife left him. She took everything. My cousin loved her so much and thought she will come back however, she never turned up. She had already come with the plainning.She had opened bank locker in her name and took the gold ornaments for the entire family. Gave her earnings to her family. After 1 yeas she failed 498 a case against the family. At time my cousin bailed out every one. After that case has never come for hearing. In 2012 my brother filed case for her to return however, my laywer sent a notice to last known location which never delivered to her. In 2014 my adv advised me to file a divorce petition which we did. The girl received the notice. She came with the layer in 1 st hearing. Now they have not filied any reply.Next hearing is after 90 days my advocate is advising that we should file ex party. We confused whether we should go for ex party or not. My brother is in USA and his spouse in Mumbai. The girl is a working professional and having power full political connections.