The owner is refunding very less amount from the deposit

We rented a flat in Hyderabad with a deposit of Rs.34,000 and the monthly rent was Rs.17,000.The agreement commenced from 1st day of December,2013 with a period of 11 months. In the deposit clause:-"An interest free deposit of Rs.34,000 has been paid by the Tenantsbto the landlord immediately at the time of agreement and the same will be refunded by the landlord to the tenant at the time of vacating the scheduled property subject to fullfillment of no-dues,with respect to electricity,maintainance etc.Amt incurred due to any damages to the property will be deducted by the landlord from the deposit and the balance amount will be refunded to the tenant at the time of vacating the flat. " In the property maintainance clause:-"The tenants shall maintain the scheduled property and its services facilities in good condition and shall not cause any damage or disfigurement to the scheduled property or to any fittings,fixtures and furniture except for usual wear and tear therein.Any damage caused by the tenants shall be recertified by the tenants promptly or the tenants will pay for damages." Now the owner has sent a list of charges he has levied on us:- Cleaning-Rs.3200 Walls and doors painting-Rs.11,230 Chair Cushions:Rs. 5200 Electricity for the month of Dec,2014-Rs.579 He is paying us an amount of Rs.13,791 out of the deposit amount of Rs.34000. The amount is too less as the condition of the house is same as he provided. What steps should we take against the owner?