Cancallation Of fraud "Hakka sod Patra"Relase Deed.

Respected Sir/Madam, i am Sandeep Kurade complaining that my mamaji has taken Fraudulently hakka sod patra & misinterpreted that he is doing some joint venture of our land & we will get the token amount of 3% & after that ,after that release deed (hakka sod patra) of our ancestor land property, now we are fileing a case on him for cheating us but mama sale the property very cleverly with giving 3% amount cross cheuqe which is passes through our bank & now when suddenly now that from land record office, we are shock,now can we get justice because he had done cheating with us but with law.kindly help us There were 3 months that is upto (1 april 2015) remaining for filing case on buider & uncle respectively cancel sale deed & release deed (hakka sod patra) Q1) Can we send notice to builder also? Q2) Can we required pay stamp duty to court if we filing a case for cancelling sale deed which is happen between uncle(mamaji) & builder? If it is need to pay stamp duty how much? Q3) we have more land left but their gut numbers are mentioned in hakka sod patra.can their way to stop uncle for further proceed of remaining land? waiting & begging for reply