Wife's parents and bothers have made my life hell

Hi, I am married for 4 years, my wife has 3 another sisters and 2 brothers in their family. My wife is very annoying and has made my life hell. The eldest sister of my wife is staying in the first floor of their inlaws but is in an open relationship with a man, who visits everywhere with her and the important thing is that he visited to my home as well with her sisters than upon my anger and some dispute she has stopped coming to my house. Another sister is also in dispute and not in a good relationship with her in laws, the situation is such that her mother in law had to move somewhere else. the youngest sister is also also came back home after four months of her marriage and has a son now and separated. The problem is that they all have created an association and keep misguiding my wife, the effect of that is my wife stop going to my house as i am staying away from my hometown due to my job. They keep on misguiding her and as a result there are problems in my house, hardly i am living at my home, now a days their parents told her to call the police. Very recently i denied to go to her cousin's marriage and as a result she called up the police, but police did not found any issues and they asked my wife to come for a medical and my smart wife did not go for a medical and said that she doesn't has any issues and due to a dispute she called up the police and everything is fine now. On the same my wife's brother came and started saying us bad things, i started recording their voice but one of the brother saw that i am recording, he snatched my from and turned off the recording. My wife even give her parents some financial help as my wife's parents are week financially as they are accommodating my wife's youngest sister and her son as well, she keep on buying households and clothes for them even. My father is a very simple person and are senior citizen, next year they are getting retired. She is very scared of everything because my wife 2 elder sisters and brothers are threatening us for dowry case and threaten us to murder even. What to do, one side is my parents those are entering in the senior citizenship next feb and another side is my life. i have been living in a continuous pressure for last two years, My wife's sister her by friend and their parents and brothers have made my life hell. I am irritated from this life and feel to commit suicide some times. i have gone very week physically and mentally, the only support is from my parents and my few friends. I consulted many people that nobody is gonna listen as in this country there no hearing for a Men, but everything will happen the moment you wife or her side complaints in Police. Please suggest,