Regarding employment in public sector

I appeared for a job for probationary engg. in Bharat Electronics Limited which is a public sector company. The selection criteria was whosoever will got maximum marks out of 100 will be shortlisted for job. 85 marks was for written and 15 marks was for interview. There was shortlisting first after the written test. I was shortlisted for interview after the written and then was not selected after interview. But then I filled an rti and found that the last candidate shortlisted for the job in same category was having 49 marks out of 100, Combining written plus interview and I got 52 out of 85 in written and 2 marksout of 15 in interview. The thing is even after getting more total marks, I was not shortlisted for the job. But in the advertisement they mentioned that candidate with maximum total marks will be shortlisted for final selection. But they contradict this in my case. Is there anything that can be done about this, should I go to court. And in one more rti,they told that last candidate to be finally shortlisted was having 10 marks in interview. But he might be having less total marks than me. Please give me some advice regarding this, thanx.