Claiming of divorce

Hi, Despite my wedding has been a love and arrange marriage, my parents agreed to give all the dowry that my in laws asked, only for the sake of my happiness. My husband does not earn so well, due to which post wedding I was entrusted with the entire responsibilities of home. We used to stay alone, however, post during my pregnancy, my mother in law joined to stay with us . SInce then, I have been undergoing a lot of physical and mental trauma from her and my husband. She used to give false claims to my husband and encourage him to physically beat me up. She also advised him to leave me and marry another girl and get another set of dowry (since I may not be able to work post the baby). Although, now she has left for her town, my husband is regularly misbehaving me by beating and abusing me regularly. He earlier forced me to work in order to take up all the responsibilities but now wants me to quit working in order to make me dependent. Additionally he intends to mentally harass me and create artificial evidence for the purpose of separation. All possible solutions for compromise has failed. Can you plz advice on how I can teach a lesson to them on spoiling my life and my kid's life.