Respected sir/mam I am rahul pandey, from jharkhand. I did court mrg on 15.05.2012 in  Bhubaneswar court without information of our parents. She is from orisha. Till date my wife stay with her parents in Bhubaneswar due to her studies and I am in my town. She complicated her study in 2013 n after that Preparing for banking job in Bhubaneswar. She told me after my study is completed I talk with my parents about our relationship and then come. She tell all the matter to her sister but they didn't willing to coprate. And due to pressure from her sister side she filed a divorce case willful refusal from side of respondent above two years going to be completed. Section 25 special marriage act. Her one sister also did court marriage and her parents did not accept her till now. My wife told me if I did marriage according to my parents wish my sister came back home that's why I filed a divorce case . In every 3 or 4 month I go to Bhubaneswar stay in hotel with her. I have all bills. I did not refuse any time. And I did not want to divorce. What can I do. How can I proof in court 1) I didn't refuse to stay with her. 2) her study completed in 2013 and after that she preparing banking , this one help me ?