Harassment from husband and mother-in law

Hi, I got married on May 16th 2014. Things were fine during the first month of marriage. after that my mother-in-law started harassing me by not allowing me to stay with my husband and has poisoned my husband's mind against me. she threw me out of the house in the night 10.30 pm by saying you cannot stay in my house get lost on 29th September 2014. My husband was not available at that time. I have filed complaint in police station(NC) on 15th December 2014.. Inquiry happened on 09th January 2014 and in that mother-in-law and husband have blamed me for the situation which actually my mother-in-law created . Till inquiry none of the family members of my husband contacted me for resolution of problem. My husband is my mother-in-law's mouthpiece. I cannot stay with husband and mother-in-law living together as my mother-in-law does not want husband and wife to stay together. My husband is not prepared to make a new home away from his parents. I do not want to take divorce. Kindly advise right action to be taken so that my husband comes out of the house and stays with me separately. He also does not want to give divorce and at the same time expects me to stay with his mother which is impossible as she does not have stable mind and creates rifts between husband wife unnecessarily as my husband is her mouth piece. I could not bare this torture and now i am in my parents hose from past 3 months with no developments from my husband's side as mother-in-law does not want this relationship to be continued.