please tell me what deductions are allowed while deciding maintenance to a wife. Gross salary is considered or net Salary (net carry home salary). My age is 29 and my wife is 27 years old. I got married 2 years back in Delhi with Hindu rituals. after 6 months differences were created between me and my wife. I leave my alone in my home and stated living separately on rent. I filed divorce after completion of one year. She filed under 125 Cr PC. She is contesting my Divorce petition and is not at all interesting in divorce My home, where my wife is living alone is under hypothecation. I have also taken a car on loan in the name of my company but the installments are deducted from my salary and after complete payment of loan the company will transfer the car in my name at 0 value. I have no other liability. My father and mother are living separately and both are earning. My take home salary is Rs.80 K per month but as I am working in MNC (Multi National Company), my company gives me many others benefits and perks which are not taxable as Car, driver, some coupons for purchasing, etc etc. Overall, my CTC (Cost to Company) is 13 lakhs per annum. Please guide me: 1) How much maintenance, the Hon'ble Court can award against me? 2) Whether the Court will consider the Gross (CTC)/ Net take home Salary of mine? 3) Whether loan installment of my home and car will be deducted from my total earning while deciding her maintenance? 4) Whether rent of other house where I am living separately from my wife will also be deducted? please tell me the method by which the maintenance can be minimized because she is not a good wife. Is there any Hon'ble High Court or Hon'ble Supreme Court judgements which tell about the compulsory deduction from the salary or method of deciding maintenance.