Breach of Promise

As per Indian law any guy who promises a girl for marriage and has a consensual physical relation under the false promise of marriage can be booked under the section for rape, as the girl was bluffed under the promise of marriage and if the guy does not fulfils the promise the girl can file a case against him. If the relation was good and the girl finds out that the guy was cheating on her and sleeping with other girls along with her and does not marry her and has used up her money etc for himself again the girl can file a case against the guy for raping her under false promise. Now I would like to know, if in India can a girl can be charged for the same? Can a guy who has been in a relation with a girl for 4/5 years, spend a lot of money and has been promised by the girl that she will marry him, but the girl has been cheating on him, sleeping with another guy while she still slept with him and used his money, the guy has been honest to her all the time, file a case against her? If the guy has proof that the girl has been sleeping with some other guy and does not wish to marry him any more but has made a fool out of him for 4/5 years when she was sleeping with two guys and still made him believe that she will marry him, can the guy file a case against her? Same terms that a girl can file a case against a guy who has consensual physical relation with her under the false promise of marriage? Well the guy is me. I am physically challenged from both legs, but could walk. She was working in my office as my assistant. She proposed me and soon got physically involved. I insisted her to tell about our relation to her family, but she said that she has an elder unmarried sister, so we have to wait till her marriage. I waited for 4 years. Then I made a marriage declaration deed from the Notary Dhanbad, that we are living as husband and wife and wants to register out marriage. Few days latter when she left that job, her behaviour changed. I insisted her to apply for marriage certificate, after a lots ifs and buts she finally agreed and applied for the marriage certificate. But just 10 days before the marriage registration date, she refused me by saying that her parents not accepting our relation as I am handicapped. Now she also feels that she will not be happy marring a handicap like me so she dissolved the relation. Earlier when she was working with me and was getting salary, that time she had no problem of me being an handicapped. Last 4 years with her consent she got physically involved with me for not less then 800 times. After she broke up with me (refusing to marry), I also found out that she was also have an illegal affair with a boy before she meet me in 2009, and was also continued that relation. Thus she was running two relationship at the same time and having sexual relation with both. After knowing all these, I am in depression and hyper-tension, my health got deteriorated, started having heart problem and many other aliment. Now I am on wheel chair. She just used me for money and her sexual satisfaction. When I complained to her parents and told them the full story, they are threatening me that if I tell anything then they will charge false case against me. As an evidence, I have.. 1. The marriage declaration deed signed by the girl, me, 3 witnesses, an advocate and attested by the NOTARY of Dhanbad. 2. Messages that she sent to me. 3. Messages that she sent to the boy having affair. 4. Some of her audio recordings in which she accepts her relation with me. 5. Some audio recording in which she accepts the illegal affair with another boy. 6. My medical reports about how my health suffered due to mentally torcher. Please advise. She ruined my life. I want to take legal action against her. If a boy do this he is imprisoned so why not to girl for the same sin. Regards,