please advise how to proceed further

I got married in 2012, I am a protestant and am married to a roman catholic in the church he goes to. It was a love marriage. Both our parents agreed to our marriage. We do not have any children. We were happy for the 1st year from around 2012 to 2013 he began an affair with an office colleague . All of us, his parents, mine and myself tried to reason with him, but he did not stop. He has also hit me a few times after an argument , till date I have not filed a complaint with the police. There have been times when I have stayed away from him, either he dropped me at my parents home or I have gone to stay with them after a fight. on Nov 2014 he dropped me at my parents home, saying he would come back to take me home after a few days. This was after my mother in law shouted /argued with me about a small matter. After this On 2 or 3 occasions he has called me and has asked for a divorce. while I am accepting of his decision , I told him i will not start the divorce proceedings He has pawned the jewellery i got from my parents when we were married. There was no dowry demands from him. My parents gave him gold and some cash as a gift , this was their choice I need guidance as to how I should handle this matter. I am working and drawing a very low salary.