Call Records & Emails

Hi Legal Experts, I have filed a case for Divorce against my wife on Cruelty. 1.She was using Mobile and Mobile connection which was in my name and I had recorded conversation of hers with her relatives talking about Harming me and my mother physically which I guess should be Substantive proof against her as Evidence to prove Cruelty. When this recorded conversation was confronted during her cross in court, judge objected and asked us if it was a Recording of 3rd party conversation how it was allowable and it would amount to Offence. This was orally rejected. We have not filed any Application still for this to be admitted. Need advise as to even though she had used mobile and mobile connection which was in my name, would I attract any offence due to Interception under The Telegraph Act or Others. And how to take this Evidence further. Is there any Citations relating to 3rd party conversation recording ? Or any legal expert i can approach in Bangalore. 2. We have confronted in her cross with her emails sent prior to marriage, exchanged intimately with her boyfriend which she has accepted. But she has continued her interaction through emails/internet chats with her boyfriend after Marriage which seems Social in nature when its observed as a single case without considering her emails prior to marriage. Prior to marriage she has mentioned in her emails that she would continue relationship with boyfriend even after her Marriage and wants it to be like that only. How to take it further and push the court to take this into consideration that it was an Intention of her to pursue her relation with this boyfriend. My Cross is in this month. Regards