False FIR submitted by office colleague

Hello Sir, One of my female friend Woking in online portal company in which she is mentally tortured by a guy since couple of months. The reason for this torturing is mainly that he want promotion ahead of her as those are working in same department. It all started when firstly that i guy proposed her and she denied quite confidently. Couple of times he tried to be close to her in public vehicles like auto. She has never responded him and always ignored him. She was tried to tell his upper managers and took meeting with them in front of that guy. But she unable to prove herself right as that guy has blamed all. But since a week he's continuously trying to put pressure on her and he's complaining always to her senior managers with foolish issues one can not imagine. Today they had a meeting with managers in which my friend has told all the facts about him, his proposals, his behaviour and now the guy has registered F.I.R. against my friend in which he blamed her that she was trying to be close to him. Now my friend is really embarrased by this unexpected thing as she never tried to reach to police as she thank that it will harm compan's reputation. Now this guy's got afraid after she revealed all in front of seniors and he registered a false FIR against her. Now please tell how that lady has to deal with it? and please advise what steps are to be follow by the lady?.. waiting for your reply