Ancestral Property-Follow up question

Dear Sir, Thanks for reply. All the questions asked by me are related to only 1 single property, which is ancestral property in my view -as so far records available to us says that property originally belongs to same family and property transferred by way of succession in family tree.So And B got property from their father by way of succession .Their father got this property by way of succession from his father . Father of And B died in the year of 1985.after that name of And B along with their sister entered in 7/12. Now question is that 4 daughters of A who are married does not want to come to registrar office because of probable problem with in family, but ready to give their consent to father and ready to execute notarized affidavit-or ready to do any other way other than registrar office.Is there any other way for making this transaction safer.(Does not want to come to registrar office) There is also a minor son to son of A.(A is grand father of Minor). Father of Minor( Son of A) is signing a document.Will it be sufficient.But court permission is not there to sell minor stake.If we insist he can make FD equivalent of minors stake .Will it be safe??