How can i obtain temporary injunction from court

I have a 1200 sqft corner site in one of the new layouts in Mysore, karnataka. The Khata and property tax for this layout is pending, however there are many houses and commercial shops already built in this area without any approval from any urban or corporation authorities. This layout is approved by MUDA Mysore, the site is in my name the EC for this site is in only my name, we have sale deed, EC and we have applied for khata as well and we have the acknowledgement. MUDA says that they need more time to search an old file of this layout. The developer of this layout has paid all betterment charges and the water supply sanitary and electricity are supplied to this area. When we started the construction there were neighbors who opposed our construction as we are building shops there and we have no plan approval with us. there were few more who demanded money from us and they daily give us mental torture and blackmail us for money. we have digged the foundation and the work is currently in progress, the khata for this area is under progress. can i claim that i will continue the construction and then pay penalty under akrama sakrama once the building is complete. can i approach local court with all these documents and then request for a temporary injunction untill khata is finalised and then continue with the construction. currently the work is in progress, and i cannot go through the mental trauma of my neighbors blackmail and hence want to get something in writing from court so that no body can question the integrity of the construction. the local court has given injunction to one of my other neighbor as well during a similar situation,but his is a residential house, ours will be ground floor shops 2 0r 3 small shops in corner and a house in first floor. none of the neighbors claim on the land, we are the sole owners of the land, they only oppose construction without khata and plan approval.