fraud builder

Sir my husband had purchased a studio apartment in neral raigad district in tuscany terraces project. He made down payment of 5 lakh n took loan of 25 lakh frm dhfl bank which charges very high interest. They had assured of giving possession in 2009 but dint get till now. V learnt dat d builder is absconding. Also he has hired other people to work for him n his name is not specified any where. V were also promised rent back which v never got. N in rarest cases if people filed a case, he wisely makes their studio ready n says pay d bank loan now 4 years ur studio i have done c. But problem is he never has n nor will he ever complete d WHOLE project, so what is d use if our studio getting ready only. If project is fully completed , its market value will rise, from many years v r trying to sell, but no one is ready to buy at d same price dat v had purchased. Also v have proofs how he comes up wid different projects in different places n LOOTS d comman man. V have d proof dat his name is in SBI BLACK LIST. Also so many times my husband requested dhfl bank bandra branch to atleast HOLD D loan but they said do or die but pay d loan. What to do v approached so many lawyers who did big big promises n after taking lumpsum amount dint even call back to us when v called dem dey never answered d phone, n lastly if answered dey said, forget abt d case nothing can be done. As d builder is so cunning n wise dat he from years cant be caught. He is enjoying on our money by looting us n starting other projects else where. Also a few lawyers said d case filing will go on for years n we only will go mad, if he just for name sake makes ready our studio n gives. Court also will say if he has completed ur studio v cant punish him. But what abt d whole project completion. How on earth can v sell, nobody wants to buy dat property, v r ready to sell at 25 lakh even 20 lakh now. Please dis giant builder is sucking blood od innocent people in lakhs. Today Shri Narendra Modi our PM is in force of our country , den how come dis giant builder is safe n not barred in jail. but still d builder can survive happily as no one can do anything to dem. Plz help got all d proofs in hand. We asked dem so many times to Bye back our property n set us free from d endless loan, but no one is ready from d builder side. We r literally beggars now , sold car, jewellary, n if unable to pay loan, double interest we have to pay. Plz save us, v r not rich to pump dis loan for decades to come.