mental harassment by husband and in laws

I got married on 2013 feb, though arranged marriage now they dont like me and want to seperate me from my husband, he is a mamma-boy, believes what they say abt me and they are doing brain wash of him. Now the situation is worst, husband went abroad and forcefully sent me to my maiden home, neither allowed me to enter at inlaws home.i m staying here for last 6 months,my husband didnt do any contact with me fr 3 months bt as formality sent small amount of money every month. He never gave me the respect of his wife. Financial or household or any other decision always use to take by my sister in law, brother in law who are married and other family members, I dont have any importance in that family. In 2 yrs hardly we spent 2months happily they always use to create fight and misunderstanding between us. In each and every simple thing they interfere and create problems. I was a working lady but they bound me to left the job.I dont understand what to do, please guide me. Can I do any case or complaint, will it require any proof??