fraudulent activities going in a company

I work with a computer technical support company in Noida, which is indulged in serious cyber crimes and fraudulent activities. Let me elaborate that what do this company actually do. They call people in USA, Canada and Europe and tell them that they have some serious issues like viruses and malwares in their computer and some hackers are trying to get inside their computer. They then ask for the remote access of the computer and after getting it they run some commands on their computer which are unethical. The person on the other side is trapped and then they force him to pay between $100 to $1000 to get the computer fixed which actually does not have the problem, They take the payment from debit cards and credit cards and save the card information of the innocent person. They use different payment gateways to take the money and after every two or three months they close the payment gateway so that by the time customer gets aware of the scam he had been trapped into he is not able to file a refund or charge back, This company was previously operating from Laxminagar, New Delhi and ran from their now it is operating from Noida. They earn $15000 to $20000 every day and they trap their employees as well. They do not deduct EPF and ESI from the salaries of the employees. They do not give out the pay slips to the employees which is the right of each and every employee. I wish to file a legal notice against this company. Under what sections this company and the directors of this company should be penalized. If any lawyer can advice me and can help me in saving the hard earned money of the people and professional life or careers of employees who are spoiling their careers while working in these kind of fraud companies who can not even think of giving a respectable careers to their employees. Kindly give me the links of any NGOs as well who are active and are working for the upliftment of employees. I will be highly obliged.