get rid of forceful entry of girl and get divprce

Dear Sirs I am a 33 yrs old person currently working in a psu in chennai region. I am a native of bihar. I was forcibly married in 2001 without my consent at the age of 20. Later I was not accepting that. I continued to stay separately so long. I was even requesting them to get mutual divorce and but they were insisting the only option to keep the girl; which I was not accepting. In this so many years have gone. But now when my parents were there in my village in gaya dist. They generally live with me in Chennai region. The other party made a gang and gheraoed my parents with the help of.local police. As sympathy of villagers lie with girl party many of them were in support of them but most of them.are because jeolosy. Those people abused my parents badly. The police came on their application and onesidedly forcibly made my father to sign a; paper accepting the girl and next day forcibly entered the girl to my house. We being soft in nature and getting less support my parents are helpless. I do not know what to do. I would want divorce but how to get rid of this girls forceful entry to my home and handling their abuses.