My wife is trying for Denmark PR, leaving me permanently in India

Sir, After 10 months of my marriage, my wife and I had a small quarrel, and soon she left my house and staying at her mothers place. I went to her place and tried to reconcile our relation. But she is acting very stubborn and started saying that she wants a separation from me and doesn't want to continue with me any more. Actually she doesn't respect me at all. I wanted this relation to give some more time / or another go. She recently applied for Denmark PR, and its in process. Once she get the VISA of Denmark, she will leave to Denmark leaving me behind in India. Both of our passports are updated with spouse names on it. Now my question is : 1. How can I call her back using the law? 2. Before leaving to Denmark, can I file conjugal rights and send a petition to her address? 3. Does she has to get the NOC from husband before leaving to abroad? 4. If not conjugal rights, if its divorce case filed by me, does she has to fight all the case staying in India or she can go and fight the case from Denmark too? My basic intention is to make her stay in the city and be with me on her conditions together atleast :(. Please advice Vinu