Need Justice

I got married before 2 years. Before my marriage, I am working as a professor in College. As per my in ‘laws family decision, leave that job. 1) After marrige, first time I asked to my mother-in-law that Can I go home (at my parents home)? Then She answered me that Your BROTHER-in-law ‘s WIFE has exam after 15 days, so u can not go. The situation like after compltion of her Exam, she told that she wants anticaty in 2 pepars and 2 needs to pass. I am feeling so much bad. After that this situation occure every time(when I asked to go home and answer is No). 2) Then after some time, my brother-in-law get PR visa of Abroad with his family (brother-in-law, his wife and their daughter). All people are happy in this situation. Then another matter happen. My mother in law told me that I have to keep my nephew (daughter of brother-in-law age of less than 1 year ). First time I feel bad, but after that I agree with that also. Simltanious of this situation, I am searching for the job, and get job after Visa news then my mother in law told me that now who is doing this house work ? I am getting angry, but shut my mouth. and Leave that job , In this way I get approx 4-5 job offer but reject with their no response. 3) Third thing will happen about tresury, they wants I can not lock my Tresury without their permission, and make big issue on that like your brother-in-law’ wife also not keep it lock. so, you can not. Then I also told that my brother-in-law’s wife has did job after her marrige and still doing study and I can not do even job. 4) Then they told me that do job after when your brohter-in-family go to Abroad. I am agree with that and feel good with that. regarding this I am always inform to my husband, the other persons of family are not happy with this all situation. And he told this is all mind set. they are not like that and leave that topic. 5) FIfith thing once, my mom came at my home (in-law house), and told to my mother-in-law that, after 3 days of her coming send my daughter at my piyar, because some work regarding me inspite, she is telling no, I can not go at my home because We have work regarding shopping of my brother-in-law, In this shopping of my brother-in-law, they (brother-in-law and his wife) are doing shopping, and I have to do only house work, she is doing nothing and still all person are explaining me that they have to go, so can not say anything or any kind of work to do. Beasue of this situation, I am feeling bad, everyday I am crying and to much tired with work and unable to sleep properly. 6) Becuse of above sitution, then I find new way to make me happy, I told to my family that I am doing study by tution, the purpose is to enhance my knowledge. Again they told me no, you can not go for tution for even one hour. After brother in law went to Abroad, you start your any kind of work. I feel more bad from their side and start to do less work in house and not speaking anything with other members. I am lossing trust on them. 7) As I have started to work less, they all angry on me every time, but because of my silence unable to told me anything. One day they all togher angry on me and shouting and barke with me they are 5 and me alone. I am too much crying but they are not even stop. After this I have loss all trust on them. Then told to my husband that give me back my all expensive thing to me. Then he again angry on me told me same answer “No”. I have feeling helpless there. Then told my mother all this things after some days. Then my mother also became angry on them told me I am talk to your family. My mother had call to my brother-in-law and told why u guides are not giving her thing to me. Then he also miss behave with my mom and told We are not giving her expensive thing because my wife (BROTHER-in-law ‘s WIFE) all things with us so I have to also follow that rules. 8) After this my husband feeling that my mom is interfering in their home. Regarding expensive thing which I told that also because of my mom. My husband, every time told that once my parents give thing in Kanyadan that can not take it back and they all things are property of them(in-laws family). And I am try to explain him that I told u but you have not listen my voice then what I do? That’s why I have talk to my mom. 9) Because of above all reason I am staying too much stress and crying every time. And once I have told that I will do suicide. Because of this they fill now, they put in trouble. 10) I am going to weak with health wise and with mind. But finally day of my brother-in-law of goes came and they went then I feel now I can do job. But, real picture start with here, After his going, first I have start tuition, till I can find job, I can learn new things, after 10 days of tuition start I get new job. I am feeling happy with that now I can settle with home without demand for go my parents’ home or else. Then because of tution fees paid I can not leave that, for some I have adjust that I will go job+tuition. But, my health weakness I am suffer with diarrhea and unable to complete house work but, still I have continue my job inspite of my in’laws family told me do job from home or get another one after sometime. Then I feel that they are in-laws family If I can not do my work I have to leave job and they are not take care of us. So, I told that for some days, until my health becomes good I am doing job from my parents home. After some days, when I message to my in ‘laws family, they told me no to come at my home. Now, once meeting did then told us that, we have to follow their rules 1) Make a statement that, if I do suicide because any kind of reason in that they are not responsible. 2) In laws family does not allow, to do job for me. 3) Take care of my brother-in-law’s daughter means becomes “aaya” for her 4) We are not allow servant in home for any kind of work 5) And last I have to take care of eating means I am getting food which I needed and not become part or involve with any kind of work in home Because of above condition we are not agree. With this way they are enforcing us to file for divorce from us and proving that when we not have said no to come at my home follow our condition and come. My parents and me are in trouble, what is the next. If we file for divorce then they are easily left with topic and prove that my family are not want, I stay at in-laws house and blame of all thing comes on me and my family, we only needs divorce This is case of which ? What will happen ? Any way to break this circumstances? => Most important thing which I eager to know is what will happen If they file for divorce and and I don't want?