Stay order on Illegal construction possible?

Hi Sir/Madam, My neighbor recently started constructing his G+1 floor with no set backs at all. His construction is affecting our privacy, ventilation, sunlight and the water from their roof flows into our area damaging my walls. We made an online complaint with GHMC. Unfortunately, some the GHMC corrupt officials and conveniently supporting and co-operating with his construction. Our complaint was deleted and we were threatened not to escalate this issue any further. However, we approached GHMC officials including Commissioner, CCP and others seeking for justice and help. Unfortunately again, this issue was assigned to the same official who was and is co-operating with my neighbors construction. One day, they demolished only a minor part of illegal construction of my neighbor and a major part of our construction which was constructed 23 years ago. I never got any notice or information regarding this demolition. I have several questions about this demolition. 1) Our house is in partial deviation only on one side constructed 23 years ago. This is not affecting my neighbor on whom the complaint was made( it is not his side). We want to regularize now. As per the rules, Is it possible? Or we need to face demolition which was 23 years ago?. we have only ground floor. 2) Even though our neighbor is in complete violation, can court give him Stay order on demolition? 3) In case we approach court for action on our neighbor, will this stay order put my complaint with GHMC aside? 4) If we approach court, what are our chances of winning this and how much time does it take? Please advice us. We are really in need of help. Because of so many corrupt people in the system, we don't know whom to approach.