Appropriate Sections

In April 2014, Two persons (neighbours) tried to rape my wife when she was alone at his room and i was out of home. When she cried for help my elder brother along with his wife & our mother came to see the matter and save her. After this both accused ran to their house and my elder brother & other family persons tried to chase them and ask them for this wrong behave. But suddenly the families of both the persons along with 2-3 persons who were having some earlier land disputes with my family came out and attacked on all four persons of my family side with the help big sticks. It all happened quite suddenly as they were in the wait of us all was pre-planed. Since all our neighbours were involved in this plan they attacked over my family members with the intention of killing all of them knowingly that no body will be the witness in our favour for this instance. But in between my wife called police station as well as me for this attack by 10-12 persons on many of them stopped and started consulting the Police through politically involved persons and advocates. I was returning to the home and I called Police for assistance but Police told me come tomorrow in the Police Station to register the FIR and after that they will be looking in to it. After that I called for Ambulance from Govt. Hospital and they confirmed to pick the patients from the place of incident. My family members were seriously injured and fractured on various body parts. But our neighbours after having setting with the police send two persons to police Station for registering a fake FIR on us. At the same time my family was lying at the place of incident in half dead position. On the way of returning to my home I requested the help of a person who has a shop in next to my village and he also agreed to help us in bringing my family members to hospital. At the same time my neighbours who were going Police Station were passing from there, But on having seen me they come back and attacked me with a heavy rod and ran after the shopkeeper came to save me. Meanwhile the ambulance has arrived which took all of us to the district hospital from where the doctor inspected us. Since the case was molestation the doctor called a Lady Doctor and filled the necessary documents. But the Police persons available to register the FIR threatened us to tell anything truth. In spite of telling the police everything they registered a FIR of mutually fight in two families without mentioning the attempt of rape on my wife or the attempt of murder. At that time we were not interested to check what the police has registered in FIR rather than looking up on the seriousness of injuries on our Family. We all were referred to Shimla Hospital being having serious injuries and where my brother was -kept in ICU treatment, three persons found to be Fractured and was admitted for 7-10 days. In between no police person contacted us whether we were alive or not being having setting with our opponents. No action was taken against any person. We contacted District SP and DGP-State 2-3 times through written applicatiions but was not so fruitful as the local police was with the opponents. However after two months some of opponents got interim bail as directed by the local police. The police persons also threatened one witness who was in our favour and documented his statement meaningless. The police has tried everything to save our opponents and to hide the real facts making escape route to the accused. Now police has submitted two cases, one against some of our opponents us 323,325, 147, 354 & 34 in CJM court and second against us for attempting attack on our opponents in Village Panchayat based on their FIR for the same time. At local Panchayat our opponents are having poltical relations. Kindly suggest what appropriate sections should be entered and what action can be taken against Police for non-co-operation with us, supporting the criminals, hiding lot of proofs and ,making two different opinion by submitting two different challans at different courts for one incident. Thanks