Marriage issues

I have been married ( love marriage )for three years and were living in New Delhi . My husband is in aviation and recently he got a chance to go and work abroad in Abu Dhabi . He has been there since September 2014. I don't pull along well with his mother since day one so we had been living in a rented place . Before leaving just a month prior he started fighting a lot it seemed his mother has been poisoning his mind against me she is a widow thus wants the son to be with her all the time. His behaviour is very weird since then . He hasn't got the marriage registered despite me asking him to he made excuses . However , our passports have spouse names added . He is not taking me to abu Dhabi and is saying that without marriage certificate I can't live with him .I am stuck now don't want to break marriage and want to go and live with him in Abu Dhabi there a way to prove marriage in Abu Dhabi without marriage certificate . He has changed overnight earlier the commitment was that he will come on leave and get the marriage resgisrerd and take me but he has been avoiding and says he is not getting leave. The mother is playing a bad role and wants him to basically leave me . Plz help ..very stressed ...urgent !