Contested divorce without filling for alimony or DV

Hi, I am planning to file a contested divorce petition on grounds of mental cruelty against my husband. We have been married for 5 years and it's been an emotionally abusive relationship from the start. Also he is carrying out an affair with his colleague to which he has confessed on email. I am not interested in alimony or maintenance and my lawyer is advising I file for a divorce without claiming for any of it. He feels it will be a faster process as all I want is a divorce. Do you think it is wise to file without any claims or should I insist on alimony or maintenance to put pressure to get them to settle on MCD? My husband doesn't want a divorce to keep up his social image at work. We have been living separately for over 15 months now. Is a divorce without claims faster assuming they will try everything to delay the process? Also I don't think they will ever agree on a MCD so I am ready to litigate to get my freedom. Just wondering how long can one delay if there is no money involved? The other thing is we have jointly bought a house and can I sell my 50% stake to a third party after I get my divorce? Please let me know your opinion on the subject. While I can't personally thank everyone here but thank you all. - Divya