I got married in may 2014, but just after marriage my husband and his parents started torchering and harassing me physically and mentally, asking dowry 2kg gold and my parental house, and USA sponsorship from my brother who is already in USA. To get all this he started beating, punching and kicking me, and says, "I will cut you into pieces and bury you and will be no evidence",as no body knows me there, because he did not have any reception or any kind of function there,and two times he tried to kill by putting pillow on my face to stop my breath, because of his ill-treatment and beating my BP started shooting up very high(200/130), in my this sickness they did not gave me any treatment or medicine, because of no treatment now I am still going under medication of BP and my eye where he punched. After 4 months of marriage he threw me out of the house by saying, "first get me 2 kg gold,if u come back without gold and parental house and sponsership,I will kill u". So, somehow I managed to come back to my parents house but meanwhile there on the same day I registered 2 letter, to police commissionor and S.S.P and after coming back to my house I complained and from my own city FIR is been lodged against him and his family by 498A, 506, 504, 323, 3/4 dowry. My statement is also been taken by police. And we are going to file domestic violence and maintenance case against him. I just want to know what will be the next STEPS by police and court. We want there arrest, and finalization of case and with relief.