Possession of docs of car in lieu of money invested in car

first party( non-owner of car), second party = owner of car (me) (car financed on my name.) 1. downpayment & emi for one year paid by first party ( non-owner of car) 2. EMI bounced and Cibil score effected, 10 out of 14 emi submitted after bouncing. 3. no emi given since last 6-7 months. 4. Keeping paper of Car with first party, Car is with second party(owner) 5. Car met with accident, non-insurance, alcohol, current value of car - 2.5-3 lacs. 6. loan pending - 3.8 lacs, Second party took possesion of car but papers not given by first party. pls tell me the exact solution i must do as below are the hurdles in this case 1. Emotional & egoistic attachment of First party with Car also money spent on car by first party. 2. trust break of second party as emi bounce non-payment & police involvement due to accident. I gave them solution to forgot the car as it is already undervalue of my loan amount instead I am getting loss of 1 lac as per current value of car. pls advice me solution for this case