How to get Passbook from my father name to my name

Hi My father is an old man. I am sending money to 3000-5000 to moeny expenses . He is in village am doing this from past 7 years. And I had given one lakh for my sister marraige and that I have given 4 years back. Also I paid the debts upto 4 lakhs. Even thorugh am sening money He is getting money from other person and he is writing bond for the for 24 percent intrest. Am doing private job. He is drinking every day. He is not telling any debts and when that debt people asking money from me . I am ready to pay all my father debts. But I want land with my name so that he cannot make debts and he is telling borrower that he will sell and give money. He is is blakcmailing me so that he write the land for others. What I have to do in that please sujjets. If in case he sell the land with out informing me can I take legal action.My age is 30 and I have kid and working in private job and I do not have any other source of income. My kid also having heath problem. He is not understanding any thing.