What is Economic -Domestic Voilance

Hi My wife deserted me in 2008 and is staying in her parents house , we repeatedly tried to convince her to Join me back but she didn't join . Hence I sent filed an MC in family court under sec 13 in 2012 on grounds of cruelty and desertion she filed DV as counter blast in MMTC court .(She is claiming the usual Dowry harassment and claiming that since she gave birth to girl child I started harassing her .) I agreed in DV court that since she was at her parents place I didn't share any money -since 2008(At the time my wife deserted me I had an 2 year old daughter.). The Judge has taken this as an economic domestic violence offence and has passed an order stating I pay monthly maintenance of Rs 25000/Month .and pay actual school fee for the child . One mistake I think what I did was or my lawyer overconfidence that it will get dismissed as its a counter blast and hence I did not submit any proofs. (Actually I do have some Videos of me celebrating her birthday -some family photos and sound recordings -don't understand why my lawyer didn't submit these as proofs.) Pls advice what is the next course of action I take and can I appeal in High Court /Can I produce these proofs now as evidence.